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Where to See Porch Floats in New Orleans, 2021

Resilient, inventive, exuberant and playful that sums up the spirit of New Orleans. If there was ever any doubt about this year’s Mardi Gras festivities put it to rest. Can’t have a parade? No problem, the very buildings have become a parade. Each neighborhood is a celebration. Can’t fill the restaurants with diners? No problem, outdoor space is expanding in a variety of creative ways. Some places have turned dining rooms into pop-up events and mini-markets. And even the best sit down menus have been reshaped for excellent take out or delivery options.

For the next two weeks get out and explore the magnificent flotilla of house floats all around town. Here is a link to the official map of Float Houses.

Some float houses are very close to the Chimes. Just next door is the delightful children’s Candyland. Of special note, is the amazing work of Krewe of Muses. At 4026 St. Charles Ave it celebrates the nine muses of Greek mythology, adapted for the multicultural world of New Orleans. While it is fabulous in the day it is even more spectacular at night and really should be seen on a walk, not a drive.

The following is a non-comprehensive list giving a wide sample of house floats that can be found fairly close to the Chimes. Under the address is the theme or title of the float house.

(Some are walking distance; others might be a short Uber, street car or car trip away.)


333-331 Alix St.


 5304-5306 Annunciation St.

“Champagne” Float House by Les Nash

2237 Arts St.

“2020 Hot Mess”


4701 Bancroft Dr.

“Garden of Eatin’” Krewe of House Floats House


2902 Baronne St.

“Chillin on the Corner of 6th & Baronne”

4024 Baudin St.

“Carnival Flowers & Vines”


2818 Bell St.

“Leah Chase”


2937 Bell St.

“Marie Laveau”


2412 Burgundy St.



2419 Burgundy St.

“Something Fishy”

2459 Burgundy St.

“The Sirens of Mardi Gras”


315 Bermuda St.

“Wasted Away Again in Coronaville”


5424 Canal Blvd

“Endymi-ain’t Queen Anita Chardonnay”


5975 Canal Blvd

“Schitt$ Streets: Welcome to Lakeview”


4717 Camp St.

“Float 42, Chewy’s Guide to the Covid Galaxy,” Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbaccus Float House


962 N. Carrollton Ave.

“Cannoli Wishes and Gelato Dreams


1001 N. Carrollton Ave.

“Floating on the Second Story Float House”


1013 N. Carrollton Ave.

“Mardi Gras Unleashed”


2501 Chartres St.

“Marigny Stoop!”


5438 Chartres St.

Jambalaya, Jamba, Jamba”

4901 Chestnut St.

“Second Story Glory”


5202 Chestnut St.

“Beads in the Trees”


2371 Chippewa St.



4900 Constance St.

“Fashion House”


1128 Constantinople St.



2463 Dauphine St.



4027 Delgado St.

“Monkey Drummer”


3449 DeSaix Blvd

“Candyland Cottage”


3100 DeSoto St.

“How Sweet it is to be Loved Bayou”


418-420 Eliza. Algiers

“Lego 2020”


1205 Elysian Fields Ave.

“We are the Champions” Societe Des Champs Elysee Float House


948 Euterpe St.

“Acadiana Hay Ride “Krewe of Red Beans Hire a Mardi Gras Artist Float


2201 Fern St.

“They All Ask’d For You.”


727 First St

“Shark Week”


3027-3029 Fortin St.

“Forever Festin”


2013 Foucher St.

“Dragon at the Window”


5819 S. Galvez St.

“2020 in Musicals”


1015 Governor Nicholls St.

“King of the Jungle”


826 Gravier St.

“Goddesses A-Go-Go”

 1200 Harmony St.

“Garden Party”

5219 Hawthorne Pl.

“Iris 4 Ever”


521 Henry Clay Ave



709 Independence St.

“Georgia on My Mind”


4849 Ithaca St.

“Saints, LSU, Tulane”


2208 Jay St.

“Under the Big Top.”


7813 Jeannette St.

“Under the Sea”


2432 Jefferson Ave.



4621 S. Johnson St.

“Cardinals Baseball Bleachers”

3727 Laurel St.

The Laurel Leviathan”


4321 Laurel St.

“Queen of Bounce House, Big Freedia”


522 Leontine St.

“Tiki Volcano”


2656 Le Page St.

“Birds” Krewe of Red Beans Hire a Mardi Gras Artist project


619 Lesseps St.

“Palm Frond House”


1115 Louisiana Ave.

“Alice in Wonderland”


1174 Magazine St.

“Skelton Krewe”


2240 Magazine St.

“St Peony’s Pegasus Parade”

3336 Magazine St.

Dat Dog Restaurant


4610 Magazine St.

“Tropical Greenhouse” Home Malone Shop


5256 Magazine St.  New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts

“Gogh Mardi Gras”


2223 Marengo St.

“Meow Gras”


5323 Memphis St. Lakeview



1927-25 Milan St

“Gotta Wear Shades”


2321 Milan St.

“You Can’t Cancel King Cake”


1009 Montegut St.

“Trump Da-mise”


808 Napoleon Ave.

“Pete Fountain and Jester”


3400 Napoleon Ave.



823 Peniston St.

“Krewe of Themis”


1905 Peniston St.



914 Pleasant St.

“Celebrity Jeopardy Post-Mortem Tournament”

807 Polk St.

“The COVID House of Blues, I Got the Antibodies in Me”


4528 Prieur St.

“Margaritaville NOLA”


3221 Rampart St.

“Wonder Women”

725 Robert St.

“The Mystic Krewe of Modern Love” 

2208 Robert St

“Dr. Seuss Gets Loose”

539 Sequin St.

“Amity Island”


2801 St. Charles Ave.

“Chris Owens Easter Parade”


4061 St. Charles Ave

“Cosmos” by the Krewe of Muses

5200 St. Charles Ave.

“Saint Dolly”


5400 Block St. Charles Ave.

“Mystic Krewe of Unicorns”

5531 St. Charles Ave.


6016 Charles Ave.

“Bee Hive”

1706 Saratoga St.

“Women of Light Sharing Hope” Krewe of Red Beans Hire a Mardi Gras Artist project


539 Sequin St.

“Amity Island”


2820 Soniat St.

“They All Masked For You!”


3129 State Street. Dr.

“Royal Staycation”


1834 Toledano St.

“The Night Tripper” aka House No.1 Krewe of Red Beans Hire a Mardi Gras Artist program


1228 Touro St.


1819 S. White St.

“Gustav Klimt”


7506 Zimpel St.

“Fringe Fest”

7920 Zimpel St.

“Cuckoo from COVIS”


For directions to any particular float house consult Google maps or your GPS. 

Walking by so many amazing and colorful float houses should work up an appetite. New Orleans restaurants are operating at 50% capacity. The Downtown district has closed street parking, allowing eateries to use the street space. Many places have invested in heating for outdoor spaces and covered patios. With limited capacity it is doubly important to call ahead for a reservation. The Chimes recommends.

French Quarter: Napoleon House, Berger at Pot of Call, Café Amelie, Sylvains Marigny-Bywater: The Joint, Paladar511, Bywater American Bistro, Rosalita’s Backyard Tacos, Bacchanel Fine Wine & Spirits (with live music) Uptown: Superior Seafood, La Boulangerie, Tito’s Ceviche & Pisco, St. James Cheese, Costera, Shaya, Tal’s Hummus

To keep the party from getting stuck inside, bars and restaurants will still have to-go cocktails available. If you plan to stop in to rest your feet, remember that current restrictions require alcohol to be sold with food. That could mean just an order of fries, actually.


For everyone’s safety remember even outdoor explorations should be done wearing a colorful, protective face mask. Physical distancing is still a must.  Stay six feet or more away from people not from your household. Vive la Mardi Gras!