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Chimes Bed and Breakfast

After being closed for five months the Chimes re-opened in August, 2020, with new procedures designed to address Covid and the new variants. The policy will continue to include self-check-in, steaming and sanitizing rooms with a minimum of 24 hours between reservations and no daily housekeeping.

After making a reservation instructions for self-check-in and a breakfast menu will be sent by email.  Breakfast can be purchased by text or when reservations are made for room delivery, courtyard or dining room, dining.  Housekeeping will be offered on the third day a room is occupied and trash collection, towel exchange, and restocking supplies will be arranged as needed. 

All the Chimes' rooms have outside entrances from the courtyard. Each one has an individual air exchange systems (self-control, no shared air). Newly designed kitchenettes have been added to Rooms #1, #2 and #4 for more independent stays and preparing in-room snacks.

Thank you to the Chimes' loyal clientele and to those we have not yet met for your confidence in us.

We are committed to ADA compliance. Read our website accessibility statement.