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Chimes Bed and Breakfast


These are items you may purchase to make your stay feel more like home or to surprise someone special. Maybe you will be traveling all day and need a meal for the flight? Add these items to your room when making your reservation or request them during your stay at the Chimes B&B.
White Wine
Red Wine
Cheese Plate
$25. two choices, crackers
$30. bouquet
Local Beer on Ice
$25. 4 local beers on ice, in room
Breakfast Smoothie
$12. Vegetable, Fruit blends, Non-dairy
Travel Meal
$20. Sandwich, fruit, sweet, to-go
Yoga Props in Room
$20.  Can’t travel with your bulky props? Clean blankets, blocks, strap, and mat in the room during your stay.
Smoothie and travel meal menus are available at the Chimes.