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Chimes Bed and Breakfast


About Chimes B&B in New Orleans, LA

Jill and Charles came to New Orleans separately while working in Corporate America. They met, fell in love, and bought a house which became the unique property now called the Chimes.

Charles Abbyad, spent  over thirty years as the Maître d’ at Arnaud's Restaurant, the classic Creole French Quarter establishment.  When not working or maintaining the Chimes, you will find Charles fishing the waters of south Louisiana for Red Fish, Sheephead, Black Drum and Trout, his favorite activity.

While Jill Abbyad orchestrates the visiting guests and operates the Chimes business, her love for music has been a lifetime pursuit. When she is not working or practicing yoga, you will find her at the clubs listening to new acts, enjoying Jazz and Blues Festivals and seeking out fresh entertainment. The history of New Orleans music and culture is always a topic of conversation at the Chimes.

The Abbyad clan expanded in 2021-22 adding two more to the mix. Yasmin and Phil, live outside of New Orleans while Alexander and Leslie, work and socialize around New Orleans contributing their recommended venues and restaurant choices to the mix. The Chimes' hosts will connect you with places to visit, artists to hear, performances to watch, museums to visit and with fellow travelers who are figuring out the world together at the Chimes Bed and Breakfast.